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Thermo Orion

Thermo Scientific Orion products have a full range of water analysis instruments from pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, electrodes and solutions, to colorimetry, titration and online process monitors. Below are links to the general catalog along with the New Thermo Orion VERSA & STAR A meters.

Thermo Orion electrochemistry catalog
NEW Thermo Orion VERSA & STAR A meters

Thermo Orion 3-Point Play Promotion - Three great offers for savings on Thermo Scientific Orion products including the exciting new Orion STAR A and VERSA STAR meters, take advantage of any of the three offers:
•  A $25 gift card on $500 purchase of Thermo Scientific Orion products
•  A free Orion STAR A121 pH portable meter with purchase of two Orion ROSS electrodes
•  A free additional module with the purchase of an Orion VERSA STAR meter

Valid from 2/10/2012 until 6/30/2012
So act fast!

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